Wakarusa 2015: The Experience (The Official Complete Recap)

An experience is something you can have, but to be a creator, a wielder of magic, and a binding force that inspires those around you is something far more profound. Each and every attendee who makes the trek to Mulberry Mountain each summer is an equal part experience creator. YOU are the ones that truly make this event stand out above so many others. YOU are the smiling faces that set out to shine their light on those around them, and create friendships that last a lifetime. YOU make each memory from the mountain worth its weight in gold. Very rarely do we see a fine semblance of music, art, nature, and the human experience working so closely in harmony, but it is YOU that combines all of these forces, and culminates them into something more beautiful than words can describe.

We hope that after watching this piece you are inspired to get out, and share your experience with the world. Without you none of this would be possible.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for helping create this moment with us, and until the next time WAKA fam.


Music: “No Diablo” – Umphrey’s McGee
Video Production: Great Eye Films / Blake Films
Curated by: Banjos To Beats

Special Thanks to: Phil Clarkin Photography, Tulsa Helicopter, Festi-Cab & Saint Bernards