The Poor Theatre Company Presents: Good Thing

The Poor Theatre creates theatre that eliminates the obstacles between the spectator and the performance, exposing the honest and spontaneous connection of actors on the stage.

The Poor Theatre seeks to answer the question: Why Theatre? In today’s age many satisfy their need to see stories acted out by watching a television screen. We believe that the visceral, kinesthetic experience of live performance creates a connection between the actor and audience that television cannot reproduce. We believe that Grotowski was correct to say that theatre can never match film in creating spectacle, and in fact it shouldn’t. Spectacle is reduced, or eliminated, and all that is left are people talking to one another on stage.

And to us, if those people are present and alive with each other directly before your eyes: well there’s nothing better than that.

Co-Artistic Director: Michael Medford
Co-Artistic Director: Will Crouse