Traveling Without Moving – Jamiroquai Tribute Band – “Use the Force – Little L” Live @ The Cubby Bear 09.12.15

Traveling Without Moving, the preeminent Jamiroquai tribute band, slams “Use the Force” into “Little L” during their most recent performance at the Cubby Bear in Chicago on 09.12.15

Featuring members of Low Spark, Woo Park, Thinner Teed, Melk:
Alex Steele – Lead Vocals
Collin O’Brien – Drums
Patrick Riley – Guitar / Synths / Samples
Jason Kearney – Keys
Dave Nolden – Bass
Justin Canavan – Guitar
Catherine Poulos – Vocals
Emily Nichols – Vocals
Steven Rutledge – Percussion
Scott Hoecker – Trumpet
Derek Brown – Saxophone
Alex Wasily – Trombone